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The young world was going to sleep under another night of peace over it's head.  It had been some time before the twin goddess' had put aside their age old fighting so they could try managing the world together from their own place, an equal distance away.  The billions of lives that roamed around, sought fame or family, were all thankful for the truce.  Of course some things never change.  Krystal, the good one of the duo, was still blindly praised day in and out in the gigantic tower she resided in.  Roxanne, the often more evil one, was feeling something else in her for a change.  Underneath the deep blood red hair her ears were open now.  The thoughts and vocalized statements of the mortals were finding their way to her like little rats in a maze to cheese.  Roxanne often kept her calm about her with a neutral expression.  Hearing everyone talk about her now was destroying who she was trying to become.  Their words, thoughts and dreams were clinging to the black goddess' mind.  Miss Umbravelle sat out on a wall over looking a pond close to the world border between her side and Krystal's, just thinking away with the thoughts hanging on her mind with hooks embedded deeply.  She didn't want to cry but at times Roxanne could not help it.  The ancient body sat as it weeped.

"I've earned quite the stereotype haven't I?" she thought to her lonesome.  Roxanne pulled her knees up close while laying her companion scythe down on the wall beside her with the blade hanging over.  It reflected the soft cool moonlight off it back toward her thigh.  "Even when I actively sought a truce with my sister to stop all this warring and bloodshed...even when she accepted it, even smiling and hugging me for fuck's sake...the world still hates me...It's all my fault though.  I can't be who I am nor can I be who they want me to be."

"That's nonsense."  Roxanne didn't bother to look around at the sound of the voice near her.  It was clear to her that her sister came to her, standing upright and as bright as the moon.  "You know not everyone hates you."

"Shut up will you?"

"I missed you too."  Krystal sat down and let her legs sit over the edge freely, having sat right up against her sister's side.  "What I said is true.  You may have earned a negative name for yourself but you know something?  I still love you even after the times we hurt each other.  Even after the time we thought I killed you."

"It's only because we're family.  You don't count."  Krystal let out a sigh as she wrapped her arms around Roxanne's shoulders.  Roxanne wrapped her own tails around herself, wanting to be alone but her twin lay against her side with head on her shoulder.  "What do you think you're doing?"

"Loving my sister, the one who's tried to get away from her past and make a new name and image for herself.  I like it.  It's the one I connected with better when we started talking more and hanging out.  You're not some chaotic blood thirsty monster that these people still think you are.  Don't let them make you think that.  You've blossomed into a reasonable person."

"Bullshit" spat Roxanne.

"Its true.  Remember when you set up Black Babylon?  You held in slaves, took in new ones, hurt them, killed...but not long after you changed that.  You let them go.  You've healed them and even gifted them new and better lives.  Your old palace is now the world capital for your side of the planet among a glowing country of prosperity.  You are the image that people can change."  Roxanne didn't look up to her sister.  It may be true that she changed the world and her self a fair deal but the anger and sorrow hung to her heart with the very same sharp hooks that were sat in her mind.

"...People don't change.  You and I both know we can't of all people.  You're good and loved, I'm mean and hated.  Even our friends hate me.  It has to be this way."  Krystal sighed and began explaining things again to her.  No matter how good Krystal was viewd or claimed to be, a monster sat deep under her flawless white fur that was responsible for so many cries of sorrow and rage.  Despite being good she still thirsted for blood from time to time.  Every few hundred years a small town or parts of a city would just end up vanishing under Krystal's blood lust.  Many people met their fates at her hands with no crime or foul tongue; their blood spilled onto her soft hands and blade.  Innocent eyes in the middle or from a safe haven would watch as she sat her sword upwards, licking the blood off as it seared her tongue and gave her pleasure.

"I know 'people' don't change dear sister.  We can.  Don't forget the horrible things I've done while more importantly the good you've accomplished.  You're ignoring the soulds out there who still love you to this day, constantly praising you.  Cheer up for them.  For me."  Roxanne let out some air from her nose and in a surprise latched onto her sister in the way she was being held on to.

"Shut up.....but, thanks.  Love you too.  Shouldn't you be home now with your family?  They'll miss you."  Krystal only smiled and laughed.

"They won't miss me this night.  Mylos is taking Tabitha and Vanessa out for the evening to dinner and then the arcade.  Next time we'll invite you.  You could use some time with the rest of our family."

"That'd be nice.  I'll make an effort to find you all soon.  Now if you don't mind, go home.  I'm going to bed."  Roxanne took off into the air toward her home.  Krystal just took Lamias, Roxanne's scythe, and returned to her own home to wait.
This was something I felt was long over due. The twin goddess' Krystal Snowpaw and Roxanne Umbravelle are always depicted as going at each others throats for blood, but not once were they given a chance to be nice to the other properly. This short story also serves as a bit of a venting after feeling that Roxanne has no place among friends with a the image of being a nasty person behind her who would manipulate minds and youth for fun or to further a dark goal. She's really sought out change and acceptance but nobody wants to give it to her.

Characters in this short are all mine. Placed under mature for some minor cussing and a (at least what I felt was) minor depiction of violence and death.
Gallery Purge.  God I hated the younger me.  Oh well, all that bad stuff is gone that I didn't care for.
God fuck I hated younger me.

Yeah you're not missing out on anything.  Some retarded photos and crappy sprite comics that I had no planned story for.


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God fuck I hated younger me.

Yeah you're not missing out on anything.  Some retarded photos and crappy sprite comics that I had no planned story for.

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